Union City OK Pooper Scooper Service

Our professional Union City OK pooper scooper service is ready and able to get control of your poop-covered yard. No matter how much poop there is, we want to clean it for you. Our expert Union City OK pooper scooper will ensure that every ounce of the waste is removed and get you back to enjoying your yard again.

Should I do it myself?

Not only can our Union City OK dog poop clean up save you from doing the gross task yourself, we have the appropriate equipment and method to get the chore done right. We sanitize our equipment after each visit, careful not to spread germs from one yard to the next.

Also, the whole idea is to get the waste off of your property. That’s why, when we perform your Union City OK poop clean up, we dispose of it off your property.

I’ll just wash it away

It’s a common misconception that washing the waste away will get rid of it. In reality, if you don’t have Union City OK dog poop clean up that approaches this chore the right way, the waste will only soak into the ground. This can cause it to be more harmful to your grass and plants, as well as any underground water source.

Maybe it will go away on its own

Another common myth is that the waste will just go away eventually. What our pooper scooper service in Union City OK has discovered is that dog waste takes almost one year to truly “go away.” That means that without our Union City OK pooper scooper service, the dog waste will rot on your yard for nearly 365 days, rain or shine.

There’s never been a better time to sign up for our Union City OK pooper scooper service. To see the Scoop Soldiers difference, call us or fill out our online form now. Let us get started doing what we do best.