Wellston Dog Waste Removal

Evict poop off of your lawn with Scoop Soldiers and our Wellston dog waste removal. So many lawns and properties across the Wellston area, and throughout the entire country, are riddled with dog waste right now.

That’s because the property owner likely doesn’t have the time to stay up on this never-ending chore. It’s ok — Scoop Soldiers and our dog waste service in Wellston has you covered. We offer ongoing dog waste removal in Wellston that makes sure this chore is being properly tended to.

About Scoop Soldiers

Our dog waste removal company in Wellston opened back in 2010. As dog lovers ourselves, we knew that the one of the most inconvenient parts of owning a dog was cleaning up the messes that they left behind.

Not only is it inconvenient, but the feces can be a health hazard for both people and pets along with killing your grass and making your lawn look sickly and gross. Knowing there was a problem to be solved, we developed our Wellston dog waste removal.

Dog waste service in Wellston made simple

Just like the art of picking up dog poop is relatively simple, we wanted to provide a service that matched. This means no long-term contracts, affordable and up-front pricing, thorough service and a satisfaction guarantee.

This doesn’t need to be an overly complicated process. We just want local pet owners to be able to enjoy clean, sanitary and useable lawns without having to dodge dog poop every time they step outdoors.

We invite you to get a free quote on your Wellston dog waste removal. We don’t charge extra for large properties or for extra dogs (up to four). With our free, no-obligation quote, you can get an idea of how affordable our Wellston dog waste removal really is. From there, a team member can help you schedule your service.