Wellston Pet Waste Removal

You simply aren’t going to find more thorough Wellston OK pet waste removal anywhere other than right here at Scoop Soldiers. Since opening for business in 2010, we have worked tirelessly to develop a team and process that keeps your property clean like no other service can offer.

That’s why countless commercial and residential clients have turned to us for their Wellston pet waste removal services. From local residents to large sprawling apartment complexes or dog parks — our team is able to apply our highly effective pet waste removal in Wellston OK to achieve amazing results.

How we do it

Our pet waste removal company in Wellston does a whole lot more than take a stroll through your lawn, pick up any poop they see and then toss it into the nearby garbage bin. We have a system in place that is designed to achieve superior cleanliness and sanitation.

  • Half of the battle is finding the dog poop. You don’t want to keep even a single mound on your property. Our Wellston OK pet waste removal staff carefully combs your entire property (including flower beds, porches, etc.) to locate and remove every pile.
  • We bag this nasty stuff up in eco-friendly bags and we take it with us. With our Wellston pet waste removal services, we don’t even stink up your garbage bins — we dispose of the waste off-site.
  • Even after poop is removed, you can still be left with the unsavory byproducts, such as a foul odor and lingering germs and bacteria. Our pet waste removal company in Wellston deodorizes the area with an eco-friendly solution and we sanitize any other areas that need it.

With our Wellston OK pet waste removal, you are left with a property that looks great and, even more importantly, is clean and safe for both people and pets. Talk to our staff and see what you can do to give this service a try.