Wheatland Dog Waste Removal

Thanks for visiting with Scoop Soldiers, home to the most reliable Wheatland dog waste removal. We invite you to browse our many service options to find solutions that fit the unique needs of your property.

Our dog waste service in Wheatland is perfect for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you have just one dog roaming free, or a whole pack of them, we have dog waste removal in Wheatland that is designed to keep your property clean all year round.

A dedicated dog waste removal company in Wheatland

Scoop Soldiers is comprised of men and women that have a passion for serving pets and their owners. We love dogs — we own them ourselves. Because of that, we also know how big of a problem lingering pet waste can be.

From killing your grass and ruining your lawn to serving as a health hazard for your pets, it’s important to stay up on this chore and our Wheatland dog waste removal can help.

Serving our clients all year round

Your dogs are not going to stop using the bathroom, so you need dog waste service in Wheatland that attends to your sanitation needs all year round. With Scoop Soldiers, you can schedule our service on a variety of frequency schedules, including:

  • Three times a week
  • Twice a week
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • One-time cleaning

These scheduling options are completely obligation-free, too, meaning that if you need to switch your service, or even cancel it all together, you can do so at any time without a penalty.

Don’t ignore the waste on your property. Make sure it is taken care of. With our Wheatland dog waste removal, you have the benefit of an entire team of scoopers who are skilled in finding, removing and disposing of the waste, in addition to sanitizing and deodorizing your property. Schedule your service!