Wheatland OK Pet Waste Removal

Wheatland OK pet waste removal might be dirty work, but someone has to do it. Make that “someone” Scoop Soldiers, where we are dedicated to working hard for our clients to help them maintain clean, sanitary properties all year round.

Here at Scoop Soldiers, we have a Wheatland OK pet pooper scooper staff that is compromised of men and women who:

  • Love dogs: Why else would we be doing this work if we didn’t value dogs? The members of our pet waste removal in Wheatland OK own dogs and we know how important it is to give them a clean environment to play around in.
  • Are insured and bonded: Some people worry about bringing in a pooper scooper in Wheatland OK because they fear that individual will serve as a liability while on their property. That’s not the case — the members of our Wheatland OK pet waste removal staff are all insured.
  • Extensively trained: We know it might not sound overly difficult to remove dog poop, but when you want to do it right, there are definitely some careful steps you must follow. Each Wheatland OK pet pooper scooper on our staff is trained in our tried and true process so you get great results every time.

The members of our team are highly professional, too. We arrive on time for our scheduled appointments and we also sport Scoop Soldiers uniforms so you never have to wonder who is on your property.

Schedule visits from our dedicated scoopers

Together, we can figure out how many visits your property requires to keep it clean all year round. We offer weekly and bi-weekly service packages into addition to one-time cleaning services.

These flexible Wheatland OK pet waste removal options come with a modest price tag. Submit information about your property and we can show you with a complementary quote.