Wheatland Pooper Scooper Services

When pet owners or commercial property managers come to Scoop Soldiers for Wheatland pooper scooper services, they don’t always understand the many hazards that come with dog poop. Sure, they know it’s smelly and gross to look at, but the impact of unattended pet waste involves so much more.

That’s why, since 2010, our Wheatland pooper scooper company has worked to remove pet waste from residential and commercial properties all around the local area. Working with residential and commercial clients, we have put our pooper scooper services in Wheatland OK to work to create safe, sanitary and clean properties.

Top five reasons you need to remove dog poop quickly

As an experienced pooper scooper company in Wheatland OK, we have seen the damage that festering pet waste can inflict. The following are five of the primary reasons you need it off your property quickly.

  1. It’s a serious health hazard. This is true for both people and pets. Dog poop can pass along diseases. Our Wheatland pooper scooper services sanitize your property to eliminate these germs and bacteria.
  2. It will kill your grass. Dog poop is not like manure. It won’t fertilize your grass — it will kill it.
  3. The smell. Even after the poop is removed, the smell can stick around for days. That’s why our Wheatland pooper scooper company deodorizes your property as a part of our service.
  4. Makes it inconvenient to enjoy your yard. No on wants to dodge dog poop when they are trying to enjoy the great outdoors.
  5. It’s an environmental hazard. Our pooper scooper company in Wheatland OK works to keep the chemicals and bacteria in pet waste from getting into the local water supply.

Dog poop isn’t so harmless, is it? Scoop Soldiers has you covered, though. Contact our Wheatland pooper scooper services team to inquire about the many different service packages we offer!