Ahwatukee Dog Poop Scooper

Here at Scoop Soldiers, we provide Ahwatukee dog poop scooper service that is delivered on your schedule. Whether your dogs quickly fill up your lawn with their unwanted, stinky “presents” or you only need visits from our team every other week, we have you covered.

Our poop scooper company in Ahwatukee AZ caters to all types of commercial and residential clients, providing a wide array of service options to match. However, at the end of the day, if you own a dog or manage a pet-friendly property, you need weekly attention from our dog poop scooper service in Ahwatukee to effectively manage the problem.

What happens if you ignore your poop problem?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of folks out there that don’t give much thought to picking up the poop left behind by their dogs, or hiring a professional Ahwatukee scooper service.

This is a problem for more than a few reasons.

  • Dog poop does not quickly decompose on its own, even if rain water floods over it. In fact, a pile of poop takes nearly a year to completely break down, and even then, it leaves behind germs and bacteria.
  • When dog poop sits on your grass for a prolonged period, the chemicals in the waste can kill your grass. Our Ahwatukee dog poop scooper service helps protect your lawn from dead or bald spots.
  • Did you know that dog poop is considered by the Environmental Protection Agency to be a pollutant? So, not only does this offensive stuff jeopardize the health of both people and pets on the property, but it can be a hazard to the community at large.

This is all easily avoidable — you can do it yourself or rely on a trusted poop scooper company in Ahwatukee AZ.

Scoop Soldiers is here when you need us

Scoop Soldiers and our Ahwatukee dog poop scooper service can provide you with the consistent effort needed to get dog poop off your property — and keep it off.