Ahwatukee Pooper Scooper Services

You can forgo the dirtiest job associated with owning a dog by calling in Scoop Soldiers and our Ahwatukee pooper scooper services. We provide residential and commercial clients with visits from our scooping professionals, who will find and remove all the dog poop left behind by your pets.

Team up with the trusted Ahwatukee pooper scooper company

Scoop Soldiers has been in business since 2010, going to battle against pet waste one lawn at a time. A long list of residential and commercial clients rely on our pooper scooper services in Ahwatukee AZ. They know that they won’t get better work for a more affordable price anywhere else.

Our pooper scooper company in Ahwatukee AZ backs up our promises with a satisfaction guarantee. We promise to remove each and every pile of waste on your property when we visit. If you find waste that we overlooked, or you spot something else that you are not happy with, simply let us know. As a part of the satisfaction guarantee of our Ahwatukee pooper scooper services, we will come back and make sure the job is done right.

Getting started is easy — contact our Ahwatukee pooper scooper company

Scoop Soldiers provides flexible scheduling options to meet your needs. So, whether you own one small dog or a whole pack of them, we have a service plan that can keep up with your needs.

If you own more than four dogs, we do ask that you consult with our team to get a custom quote. Otherwise, if you own four dogs or less, you get to pay the low prices that are listed prominently on our website.

No one likes picking up the waste left behind by their dogs — and with good reason. Now, you don’t have to. Contact Scoop Soldiers and get started with our Ahwatukee pooper scooper services.