Anthem AZ Pooper Scooper Service Company

Dog poop is not a fertilizer — which is why you should rely on an Anthem AZ pooper scooper service if you are too busy to clean up after your pup. Although dog feces does contain some nutrients, most of them are ultimately pretty harmful to the environment, and they can also hurt your grass.

Scoop Soldiers is the Anthem pet waste clean up company of choice because we care about your health, your lawn’s health, and the health of the neighborhood environment. Today, we’re going to provide you with some additional information about the eco-friendly benefits of a pooper scooper service in Anthem AZ.

Why an Anthem AZ pooper scooper service is environmentally friendly

Many of our clients think that picking up after their dog is just an unnecessary waste of time and energy — after all, won’t the feces fertilize the lawn? How harmful can it be? Well, dog feces is more dangerous than you think.

  • Our Anthem pet waste clean up technicians know that dog feces contains about 10 times the fecal coliform of cow manure. Fecal coliform is a hazardous contaminant that can lead to intestinal problems and even death.
  • Furthermore, dog waste contains nitrogen and other nutrients that harm the environment by causing algae blooms and other related phenomena. That is right – the feces that you fail to pick up from your yard could lead to watershed contamination and other serious environmental problems in your area.

Do not be a part of the problem. Instead, be a part of the solution with the help of our Anthem pet waste company. We get it — you are busy, and finding time to pick up after the dog is absolutely tedious. We offer a variety of plans to help you be more environmentally conscious —— contact our Anthem AZ pooper scooper service staff today to get started!