Anthem Dog Waste Removal

Here at Scoop Soldiers, our Anthem dog waste removal team knows that dog poop can be bad news for your lawn. Animal waste is full of nitrogen, which means that, in small amounts, it can be considered a fertilizer.

However, dogs eat a lot of protein, which means that their waste is different from those of a cow or other herbivore. If left on the lawn for too long, dog waste can spell trouble for your grass, potentially damaging your investment. Our dog waste service in Anthem is designed to help you avoid these difficulties, keeping your yard looking tidy and green all year long.

Trust our dog waste removal in Anthem to get the job done right and work in tandem with your landscaping crew to keep your yard looking lovely.

How our Anthem dog waste removal helps your landscaping

Both your front and back yards can be damaged if you do not hire dog waste service in Anthem. Waste that is left on a yard can take up to a year to fully decompose. If you hire our dog waste removal company in Anthem, you can enjoy benefits that:

  • Keep your lawn looking tidy and clean
  • Help you avoid brown spots and scalding to your grass
  • Eliminate bad odors and the potential for stepping on a “land mine”
  • Involve off-site disposal of waste to keep your trash cans from smelling unpleasant

Our team of professional Anthem dog waste removal technicians is ready to help you save time and energy cleaning up after your dog. Whether you have one dog or many — and whether you need a one-time clean or ongoing service — Scoop Soldiers is the right choice for you. Plus, you won’t find better pricing on similar services anywhere else – why wouldn’t you give our services a try? Contact us today to get started.