Anthem Pet Waste Scooping

Did you know that Anthem pet waste removal is not only good for your lawn, but it is also good for your health and the health of the environment? Dog feces is listed as one of the most toxic contaminants for our nation’s water supply — that is why we have to take the time to clean up after our pets, even if we are not sticklers about the way our lawns look.

With Anthem pet waste scooping, we help your pup, family, and neighborhood avoid the terrible diseases that could affect them if poop is left lying around. Scoop Soldiers is the top choice for pet waste removal in Anthem because of our attention to detail, professionalism and low price guarantee. What else could you want in a poop scooping company in Anthem AZ?

How Anthem pet waste removal helps you stay healthy

Dog feces are flat-out dangerous, but many pet owners are not aware of the hazard. Our Anthem pet waste scooping technicians know that dog poop often contains parasites and bacteria including:

  • Hookworms
  • Tapeworms
  • Roundworms
  • Giardia
  • Salmonella
  • Coccidia
  • And more

Many of these contaminants can make it back into your home if your dog tracks poop in or eats his or her own feces. Furthermore, bacteria and parasites can be passed directly through the skin. This is surely no laughing matter. If you are too busy to keep your own lawn clean –— or you simply are repulsed by the idea (we understand) — you need the help of the Scoop Soldiers!

Our Anthem pet waste removal team is ready to respond at a moment’s notice. We even offer emergency service. With visits starting at a little more than $10, you can’t afford not to choose our services. Contact us today to get started, and get the peace of mind you need and deserve.