Anthem Poop Scooping Service

Did you know that using an Anthem poop scooping service company can help you avoid municipal fines and other consequences? Many dog owners are not aware that municipal codes prevent pet owners from creating “nuisance properties” that wreak havoc on local neighborhoods.

Avoid government sanctions and be a good neighbor by hiring Scoop Soldiers as your Anthem scooping company. We give you the peace of mind you need to avoid those pesky fines from the code enforcement department. No other poop scooping service company in Anthem is as dedicated to making sure that your lawn is tidy, healthy and attractive.

Why choose our Anthem poop scooping service company?

Scoop Soldiers offers superb service at a serious value. Our Anthem scooping company is available for all sizes of residential and commercial properties, with up to four dogs covered by our standard packages.

We offer flexible pricing plans to suit everyone’s financial needs. With visits starting at just $11.99, we are your choice for poop scooping in Anthem AZ. Here are the other benefits that you can expect from our top-notch team:

  • Uniformed personnel that always arrive in a marked van to treat your property
  • Technicians that thoroughly search for all “land mines” to keep your lawn healthy
  • Careful evaluation of flowerbeds, porches and other lawn features
  • Commitment to secure your property before we leave
  • Notification that we have been to your home to provide services

Our Anthem poop scooping service company can help you comply with local regulations, making you a responsible neighbor, no matter how many dogs you have. Plus, our service makes your lawn look nice — and who doesn’t want that? You do not have to spend your nights and weekends cleaning up unpleasant waste from your yard. Instead, let our team take over. We are standing by to help you get started today. Contact us to learn more!