Anthem Pooper Scooper Business

If you have an elderly or disabled relative that still has a beloved pet, it might be time to consider an Anthem pooper scooper business to help with their daily chores. Scoop Soldiers offers a variety of services to keep your loved ones’ yard clean and tidy, allowing them to be proud of their property even if they can’t personally address their dog’s waste.

Hiring a pooper scooper in Anthem AZ for your elderly or disabled relative can help them retain their independence while still complying with codes and regulations that govern dog waste removal. Scoop Soldiers already services a diverse array of clients, including busy professionals, families with multiple dogs and more! Why not treat your relative to services from our pooper scooper business in Anthem? We know they will be satisfied!

How our Anthem pooper scooper business cares for you or your loved ones

Older and disabled adults depend on their pets for companionship and support. With the help of our pooper scooper in Anthem AZ, they will be able to have tidy and safe yards that they can be proud of. Our team of professional Anthem scooper business representatives will:

  • Carefully search for all “land mines” on the property, including those in flowerbeds, mulched areas and on porches
  • Arrive in a marked van with uniforms for your safety and security
  • Notify your relative that we have been at the home
  • Take care to secure the yard when we leave

Our reasonable rates mean that you can afford to have your relative’s yard cleaned with the frequency they need to keep their human and animal guests safe and healthy. Why take the chance? Choose our Anthem pooper scooper business to get the job done right the first time. We have a 100 percent customer-service satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not satisfied, we will return to your home to make it right. Contact us today to learn more.