Apache Junction AZ Pet Waste Removal

If you’re looking for a provider of Apache Junction AZ pet waste removal that has a reputation for excellence, then you have certainly come to the right place. If you talk to any of the residential or commercial clients that currently rely on Scoop Soldiers for their dog poop removal needs, you will quickly find out that no one beats our service in terms of quality and affordability.

A high-quality Apache Junction AZ pet pooper scooper

Here at Scoop Soldiers, we take pride in our pet waste removal in Apache Junction AZ. We know that there are many different local and national services that are vying for your business, and we try to set ourselves apart by offering the most thorough service you will find.

With each visit from a pooper scooper in Apache Junction AZ, you get the works.

  • We start by slowly searching your entire property. We check areas where dog poop is hard to spot, such as under shrubs or in mulch beds. We pride ourselves on finding each and every pile of poop on your property.
  • Our Apache Junction AZ pet waste removal team carefully removes the piles of poop and stows them away in a biodegradable bag.
  • Your Apache Junction AZ pet pooper scooper won’t dump these messes in your dumpster — we take the poop with us so we can dispose of it safely at our offsite location.
  • We don’t want to leave any hint of dog poop behind, which is why we administer an eco-friendly solution to kill the lingering smell.

Our Scoop Soldiers are ready to get started on your residential or commercial property. Check out our website for pricing or consult with a team member to learn more about our Apache Junction AZ pet waste removal.