Apache Junction AZ Pooper Scooper Service

Weekly Apache Junction AZ pooper scooper service is a convenient way to protect your pets, and your lawn, from the harmful byproducts of dog poop. Scoop Soldiers leads the way in this industry, providing our clients with the level of care they need.

Our Apache Junction AZ dog poop clean up features flexible scheduling options to meet the varied needs of our clients. While some clients rely on us for two or even three visits in a week, others might rely on our pooper scooper service in Apache Junction AZ for bi-weekly service.

Despite the scheduling option that you select, you will receive personal, dedicated attention from our team of scoopers, who will go to great lengths to find and remove every pile of dog poop on your property.

Get set up with weekly Apache Junction AZ poop clean up

Our Apache Junction AZ pooper scooper staff can help you select a service package and get your first visit scheduled. We don’t charge extra for the initial cleanup, even though the first visit is generally the most labor intensive.

Once you have our Apache Junction AZ pooper scooper service scheduled, you can forget all about it. Our crews come to your property like clockwork and will even work on your property when you are not around, as long as we are provided access to the area.

We will leave you a written confirmation that we came by and delivered the Apache Junction AZ dog poop clean up service. However, you won’t really need a written confirmation — you’ll be able to see our handy work in your freshly cleaned property!

Scoop Soldiers is standing by to work with you

Our Apache Junction AZ pooper scooper service is utilized by residential and commercial clients all around the area. You can experience quality, affordable care from our scoopers by contacting our team to schedule your service.