Apache Junction Pooper Scooper Services

Dog poop is nothing to mess with, and with our Apache Junction pooper scooper services, you don’t have to. We are Scoop Soldiers, and we provide a long list of clients with the resources and help they need to keep pet waste off of their properties.

Our Apache Junction pooper scooper company is comprised of dog-loving men and women who are extensively trained in cleaning up these messes. We not only remove the dog poop on your property, but we provide free haul away and disposal. Our pooper scooper services in Apache Junction AZ are so extensive that you won’t see a single pile of poop left behind.

Why remove dog poop on a regular basis?

Our pooper scooper company in Apache Junction AZ offers regularly scheduled service that brings scoopers to your property on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Tending to this chore week in and week out is important for a few reasons.

  • Dog poop can quickly build up on your property. The chances are, your dog probably lays down solid waste at least once a day. That’s a lot of waste over the course of a single week.
  • Dog poop can quickly go to work killing grass and passing along germs and bacteria to nearby people and pets. Our Apache Junction pooper scooper services limit this exposure by removing it regularly.
  • Allowing dog poop to accumulate will create a nasty aroma that will hover over the area indefinitely. This can cause a conflict amongst neighbors and gross you out. Our Apache Junction pooper scooper company not only removes the waste, but we implement deodorization tactics, as well.

Nothing good will result in ignoring your dog poop problem and letting it fester on your property. Now, you can do something about it. The solution is Scoop Soldiers and our Apache Junction pooper scooper services.