Avondale AZ Pooper Scooper Service Company

A consistent, quality Avondale AZ pooper scooper service is now available to residential and commercial clients in the area. Scoop Soldiers is the name you should trust for this very important work.

With our Avondale pet waste clean up, you can protect your lawn or commercial property from the many effects of dog poop. These include:

  • Germs and bacteria: This is one of the biggest hazards that comes with dog poop. The germs and bacteria in dog poop are capable of passing on illnesses to both people and pets alike. Our pooper scooper service in Avondale AZ removes the messes quickly so that you are not exposed to them.
  • Sickly lawn: If you want lush, green grass on your lawn, then dog poop is public enemy number one. That’s because the contents of dog poop will kill your grass and leave you with bald spots all over your yard. Our Avondale pet waste company is devoted to keeping your property looking pristine and healthy.
  • Foul smell: You probably can tell there is dog poop near without even seeing it. That’s because it is always accompanied by a horrid smell that can take over the area. Our Avondale AZ pooper scooper service utilizes deodorization tactics to address this smell.

All of this can be avoided with one convenient and affordable source of Avondale pet waste clean-up.

With Scoop Soldiers, you will pay less than any other service around — we promise that with our best price guarantee. Plus, you can schedule visits from our scooping technicians on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. Scoop Soldiers also offers one-time cleaning appointments, as well.

Avondale AZ pooper scooper service is convenient, affordable and incredibly valuable now thanks to the Scoop Soldiers. You can get a free estimate on your service by reaching out to our team online or via phone.