Avondale AZ Pooper Scooper Service

Save yourself a serious hassle and provide a clean area for your dogs to enjoy by working with Scoop Soldiers and utilizing our Avondale AZ pooper scooper service.

Since 2010, we have been working with pet owners and their dogs to remove and dispose of the poop that has accumulated on their properties. A diligent effort is required for this chore — going a prolonged period of time before addressing these messes can lead to dire consequences for your lawn.

That’s why we offer pooper scooper service in Avondale AZ that is available on a weekly basis. In fact, you can book visits from our team three times a week or just once or twice. We also offer bi-weekly Avondale AZ poop clean-up for clients whose yards don’t accumulate poop as quickly.

About our Avondale AZ pooper scooper crews

The men and women that come to your lawn or commercial property are highly trained in our methods of pet waste removal. We do this job the right way. Instead of rushing through it and leaving behind piles of dog poop, we meticulously groom your property so that it is left:

  • Clean: Our Avondale AZ pooper scooper service removes each and every pile of waste.
  • Sanitary: When we remove these messes on a weekly basis, we are able to keep germs, bacteria, and diseases off of your property and away from your pets and other people.
  • Fresh: Our Avondale AZ dog poop clean up services also include deodorization methods that effectively eliminate the lingering odor that can be left behind after the feces has been removed.

Get a quote on our Avondale AZ dog poop clean up

All of this is available at a minimal cost. You can see how much it would cost to care for your property by contacting our Avondale AZ pooper scooper service staff and requesting a free estimate. Our team is standing by right now.