Avondale Pet Waste Scooping

Enlisting the help of professional Avondale pet waste removal means that dog poop on your property will be removed the right way every time we visit.

Here at Scoop Soldiers, we’re honored to offer Avondale pet waste scooping. While this might be dirty work, we know the value that it brings to fellow pet owners in the community. Dog waste pick-up is an essential chore for any pet owner, and failing to maintain it can mean putting your pets at risk of serious diseases.

Our pet waste removal in Avondale will benefit your:

  • Lawn: Dog poop contains chemicals and bacteria that scorch your grass and cause havoc to your lawn. Our poop scooping company in Avondale AZ removes the messes in time to preserve the beauty of your lawn and landscape.
  • Pets: Feces is one of the prime carriers of various diseases that travel from one pet to another. Sanitation is the top priority with our Avondale pet waste removal. We make sure that the unsavory byproducts of pet waste are removed.
  • Guests: Avoid the scenario in which friends or family members step in poop while they’re trying to enjoy your property. Not only is this gross, but the bacteria in dog poop can also cause a number of ailments within humans.
  • Environment: Dog poop is officially a pollutant in the eyes of the EPA. Responsibly removing and disposing of it, the way that Scoop Soldiers does, protects your local environment. That’s what we offer with our Avondale pet waste scooping.

The best part is that you can achieve all of this for a minimal investment. As a part of our best price guarantee, Scoop Soldiers promises to beat any competitor that might offer a more affordable rate.

A convoy of our troops is ready to come to your property to take care of your Avondale pet waste removal needs. Contact our team right now to schedule your service.