Avondale Poop Scooping Service

A lot of chores and obligations go in to being a responsible pet owner, and with the help of our Avondale poop scooping service company, you can take care of one of those chores indefinitely.

Scoop Soldiers is a proud Avondale scooping company that works hard for local pet owners and their pets. As dog owners ourselves, we know that one of the top priorities you should have for your pet is to give them a clean, sanitary environment in which to enjoy.

It’s impossible to give this to them when they are surrounded by dog poop. This is why we offer poop scooping in Avondale AZ — to remove pet waste and the hazardous byproducts that come with — from your property on a regular basis.

Keep your pets happy and healthy

Dogs don’t know the inherent dangers that come with feces. For that reason, they’re not shy about sniffing it or even eating it. This can pass along germs, bacteria and a number of diseases.

Our Avondale poop scooping service company eliminates this risk by removing piles of poop on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If poop seems to accumulate on your property quickly, our Avondale scooping company can even come to you three times a week.

We not only remove, haul away and dispose of the poop but we deodorize and sanitize the area for good measure. With our poop scooping service company in Avondale, you can adequately protect your lawn, pets and even people from the hazards of dog poop.

Schedule your service through Scoop Soldiers

Bringing this professional service to your property won’t cost you much. You can browse our pricing grid online or contact our team directly if you need a custom quote. Our Avondale poop scooping service company looks forward to doing business with you.