Avondale Pooper Scooper Business

Breathe easy and step confidently around your property with the help of a trusted Avondale pooper scooper business. Scoop Soldiers gives you your lawn back after being overtaken by smelly piles of dog poop.

Pet owners and pet-friendly commercial property managers all have to contend with one major issue associated with pet ownership — keeping their properties clean and sanitary.

A pooper scooper in Avondale AZ to keep you current on this important work

It’s easy to fall behind on this ever-present chore. If you miss a week of scooping, the poop can accumulate on your property causing the presence of pests, germs, bacteria, diseases, stinky odors and more. Now, there is a way to take care of the problem with minimal effort.

Scoop Soldiers is a pooper scooper business in Avondale that is a picture of reliability when it comes to this chore. We’re like clockwork — simply schedule your weekly service and our crews will come by to:

  • Slowly walk around your property to find and remove piles of dog poop
  • Sanitize and deodorize the area for lingering bacteria and smells
  • Bag up the waste and toss it on our truck
  • Haul the waste away and dispose of it for you

You don’t even have to be home when our Avondale scooper business is on your property – just make sure we have access to your yard and we’ll take care of your dog’s messes.

Meet the trusted team of our Avondale pooper scooper business

Scoop Soldiers issues background checks and extensive training for all new members of our “army.” We want you to be able to trust your pooper scooper in Avondale AZ.

We invite you to try out our service without signing any sort of contract or entering into a long-term agreement. We’re confident that you will quickly see the value that our Avondale pooper scooper business brings to your property. Request a free quote online or talk to our team right now.