Avondale Pooper Scooper Services

Scoop Soldiers proudly provides Avondale pooper scooper services that get the job done each and every time we visit. Part of what makes this such a difficult chore is that it can be tough to spot every pile of dog poop on your property. This is especially true when your yard or commercial lot is large.

Our Avondale pooper scooper company prides itself on offering a service that doesn’t leave a single mound of pet waste behind on your property. When our technicians come to visit, they find and remove it all. They also bag it up and haul it away with them so that they can dispose of it safely at our offsite location.

Thoroughness is one of the cornerstones of our pooper scooper services in Avondale AZ. Being thorough means:

  • Taking our time to search your property. We’re in no rush — we want to provide the very best Avondale pooper scooper services possible.
  • Check all areas of your property. The men and women of our Avondale pooper scooper company check everywhere — not just throughout your grass. We know that dogs can leave their waste in flowerbeds, gardens, on patios and more.
  • Double-check our work. Our pooper scooper company in Avondale AZ has a motto: “Leave no mound behind.” We’re so serious about this motto that we protect all of our services with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

When Scoop Soldiers comes to your property, you can trust that all the waste that has accumulated there will be dealt with accordingly.

Explore the many service options that we provide for our residential and commercial clients. We have solutions that fit just about every need, so you don’t have to worry about paying for services that you might underutilize.

Scoop Soldiers has quickly grown to become a leader in Avondale pooper scooper services. See why by contacting our team to get started.