Buckeye Pooper Scooper Services

Welcome to the home for Buckeye pooper scooper services that will keep your lawn clean and looking great. We are Scoop Soldiers, and we are ready to deploy armies of scoopers to your property to seek and destroy all those nasty mounds of waste left behind by your dogs.

Our Buckeye pooper scooper company has been in business since 2010, working for pet owners and those that manage commercial properties where dogs are present. Over nearly a decade in the business, we have developed pooper scooper services in Buckeye AZ that deliver noticeable results.

When our crews come to your property, they will complete a thorough service, which includes:

  • Walking around your entire property to locate the dog poop. We have a knack for finding even hidden piles of poop. When our pooper scooper company in Buckeye AZ leaves your property, we want it to be 100 percent clear of dog poop.
  • Our crews use freshly sanitized tools and equipment to remove the waste and stow it away in biodegradable bags. This is an eco-friendly practice that we take pride in.
  • Our Buckeye pooper scooper services include haul away and offsite disposal that is already figured into the price of your plan. We don’t charge you additional fees.
  • On top of all that, our Buckeye pooper scooper company will freshen up the area with deodorization tactics that zaps away the smelly odor that can be left behind.

It’s this thorough effort and professional approach to picking up your property that makes us so effective. We are dedicated to providing quality, consistent results for the residential and commercial clients we work for.

You can bring our Buckeye pooper scooper services to your property for a minimal investment. Use our online form to request a quote or contact our office staff for further assistance.