Chandler AZ Pooper Scooper Service Company

Welcome to Scoop Soldiers, where we want to talk to you about our super helpful and thorough Chandler AZ pooper scooper service.

Scoop Soldiers opened for business in 2010 with one mission — to evict those unsightly, smelly and germ-filled piles of pet waste off of your property for good. With our Chandler pet waste clean up, we can provide you with a service that removes these messes from your property, so you don’t have to worry about them harming people, pets or your lawn.

How we do it

Our pooper scooper service in Chandler AZ is both affordable AND thorough. That’s why we are confident you won’t find a better price on comparable service anywhere else. When our trained technicians come to your home, they will carefully:

  • Sweep through your property. The average Chandler pet waste company runs the risk of missing a pile or two. After all, dogs leave their little “landmines” in hard-to-find places like in flower beds, under decks, on patios and more. We don’t leave a single mound behind — that’s our promise.
  • Once we encounter these messes, our Chandler AZ pooper scooper service team will carefully remove the entire pile with our sanitary equipment. Our goal is to remove, not just the poop, but the germs and bacteria that come with it.
  • As a little bonus, our Chandler pet waste clean up also offers free haul away and disposal. We remove the waste off of your property completely, and we take care of it in an eco-friendly fashion.

What are you doing during all this? Well, anything really. Scoop Soldiers saves you the time and energy that is required to do this job on a regular basis.

You can utilize our Chandler AZ pooper scooper service on an ongoing basis or just bring us in for a single cleaning. Whatever your needs might be, we want to hear about them!