Chandler Dog Waste Removal

Scoop Soldiers has Chandler dog waste removal options that cater to the needs of a wide range of potential clients. If you own a dog or manage a pet-friendly property, we invite you to utilize our convenient and effective service to make sure dog poop stays off your property once and for all.

Enjoy weekly dog waste service in Chandler

One thing that makes it so difficult to keep pet waste off of your property is the fact that it is never ending — you need to get outside just about every week to pick it up otherwise it will pile up. Scoop Soldiers and our dog waste removal in Chandler has the answer.

You can schedule ongoing service from our staff. That means our dog waste removal company in Chandler can come to your lawn or property each week to remove and haul away the dog poop left on your property. We also offer a bi-weekly service for clients that only own one dog and find that the waste doesn’t accumulate very quickly.

Hire our one-time Chandler dog waste removal

If you have no interest in regularly scheduled dog waste service in Chandler, Scoop Soldiers can still be a valuable resource. We offer one-time cleanings. This service is ideal for spring cleanups or to prepare for an outdoor event.

Our team is skilled at completely cleaning and sanitizing your property. In fact, one of the mottos that we subscribe to is: “Leave no mound behind.” We’re diligent in finding all the waste on your property — even those found in flowerbeds, gardens and on patios or porches.

Whether you need ongoing Chandler dog waste removal or would like a one-time cleaning, our staff is ready to assist. You can submit information about your property to get a free estimate. Our team would also be happy to help you schedule your service.