Chandler Pet Waste Scooping

There is no room for dog poop on your property, and with Scoop Soldiers and our Chandler pet waste removal, you can make sure that it is gone in short order.

Dog poop can have a serious impact on your property and even the health of your pets. Our Chandler pet waste scooping is designed to combat those problem signs of unattended pet waste and allow you and your pets to enjoy a fresh, clean property all year round.

The problems that come with dog poop

As a longtime provider of pet waste removal in Chandler, we know the many issues that accompany dog poop sitting on your property. They include:

  • The presence of germs, bacteria, and diseases that can infect both people and pets. In fact, the majority of illnesses passed from one dog to another are done so through feces.
  • That lingering smell that just doesn’t seem to go away. This can be a problem for nearby neighbors. Our Chandler pet waste removal not only removes the poop, but we also implement deodorization tactics.
  • Dead grass and damaged lawn. Dog poop is not a natural fertilizer — in fact, it’s the opposite. Dog poop will kill grass and can ruin the look and health of your lawn and landscape. Our Chandler pet waste scooping crews will make sure it is removed before it can inflict damage.

While dog poop is some pretty foul stuff, it’s easy to get rid of it — you just need to have the time to put in a diligent effort. Not everyone does, which is why our poop scooping company in Chandler AZ is so handy.

Get weekly visits from the Scoop Soldiers

Our crews would be happy to come to your property and clear off the messes for you. We can provide you a quote for this reliable form of Chandler pet waste removal. Reach out to our team right now.