East Valley AZ Pet Waste Removal

Performing your own East Valley AZ pet waste removal can be a drag. Who really has time to walk the backyard looking for doggy land mines? If you can think of anything else you would rather be doing than scooping poo, it may be time consider Scoop Soldiers.

We are the leading East Valley AZ pet pooper scooper facility and will work to make sure you have one less chore to do each week.

Is it worth it?

Not every pet owner understands the importance of having a pooper scooper in East Valley AZ. Some common misconceptions are that the waste will simply wash away with the rain. While some of the piles may appear to dissolve, small amounts will remain on the soil. Dog feces can contain a number of contaminants that can make you or your children very sick.

It may be the law

Depending on your neighborhood ordinances, it may be required that you clean up your dog’s waste. Hiring our professional East Valley AZ pet waste removal service can ensure that you never go too long between cleanings and get in trouble. We have a wide variety of service plans to meet your needs.

Even if it isn’t…

Your neighborhood may not require a level of cleanliness, but it is still a good idea to clean up for other reasons. To keep the peace with your neighbors, our pet waste removal in East Valley AZ can make sure that a foul smell doesn’t seep into their personal space.

Additionally, having your dog’s waste regularly picked up can help prevent them from tracking bits of feces into your home. As a professional East Valley AZ pet pooper scooper, we know the importance of keeping your yard clean so that your family is kept healthy indoors.

Get started today

If you’ve considered relieving yourself of one more weekly chore, fill out our online form for East Valley AZ pet waste removal today. We’ll respond within 24 hours with a reasonable quote to get you started quickly.