East Valley Pooper Scooper Business

Many dog owners love having a large, fenced-in yard, but they worry about keeping it free of stinky “land mines” — thank goodness for our East Valley pooper scooper business. At Scoop Soldiers, we know that having a pleasant, usable lawn is a priority for you and your family.

With the help of our pooper scooper in East Valley AZ, you can stop worrying about encountering unpleasant piles and start welcoming your neighbors back onto your lawn. Using the best pooper scooper business East Valley has to offer means that you can enjoy parties and let your children run loose on the lawn without worrying about making a mess. What a relief for both you and your pets.

Why our East Valley pooper scooper business is the right choice for you

Our pooper scooper in East Valley AZ frankly takes a lot of the unpleasantness out of owning a dog. Having to be “out in the trenches” picking up dog waste is not only tedious, but it can be cold, wet and disgusting, depending on the number of animals you have. The good news: Scoop Soldiers is here to help! Our East Valley scooper business makes it easy to enjoy spending time with Fido instead of hunting down his feces.

Even better, we offer affordable pick-up rates for households with up to four dogs. Many of our clients feel overwhelmed because of the number of dogs they have to manage — keeping a large yard tidy sure can be a chore.

Our technicians are trained to search flowerbeds, porches, and other landscape features to make sure no “land mine” is left behind. Our East Valley pooper scooper business offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and we never require additional payment for the initial cleanup. See how much easier your life can be, and reclaim your lawn with the Scoop Soldiers.