El Mirage AZ Pet Waste Removal

Scoop Soldiers is ready to go to battle with our El Mirage AZ pet waste removal. Do you have a battlefield that needs attention? This might be your lawn at home or a large commercial property that you are tasked to maintain.

As your El Mirage AZ pet pooper scooper, we will diligently work to seek and destroy the dog poop on your property. But, it’s not just piles of dog poop that we’re targeting — we have many more enemies than that. They include:

  • Germs, bacteria, and diseases: These go hand-in-hand with dog poop. Pet feces can infect both people and pets with dangerous germs and bacteria that can get you sick. Our pet waste removal in El Mirage AZ both removes the poop and sanitizes your property.
  • A foul smell: If dog poop has been resting on your property for a prolonged period of time, the smell can stick around even after you remove it. Your pooper scooper in El Mirage AZ will treat that smell with a special deodorizing spray.
  • Pests: As longtime providers of El Mirage AZ pet waste removal, we know how pet feces can attract flies, maggots, mosquitos and even mice and rats, which are attracted to the undigested protein. By removing the waste on a regular basis, you are deterring these pests from messing with your property.

The troops in our army are trained, experienced and insured. Each El Mirage AZ pet pooper scooper that we employ will follow a tried-and-true process when they are on your property in order to provide service that is both quality and consistent.

Explore our El Mirage AZ pet waste removal and all the benefits that it can provide for your lawn or commercial property. Contact the friendly staff at Scoop Soldiers right now.