El Mirage Pet Waste Removal

Experience El Mirage AZ pet waste removal like you never thought possible. With Scoop Soldiers, we give you and your pets the star treatment.

That means comprehensive El Mirage pet waste removal services for a budget-friendly price. Our mission is to clean and sanitize your property thoroughly so that you and your pets are not at risk of being exposed to germs and bacteria.

How we do it

We are relentless in our efforts to provide pet waste removal in El Mirage AZ — you have to be. This is a never-ending chore that you need to keep up on. Otherwise, your lawn or commercial property is going to become a stinky, unsanitary mess.

That’s why our pet waste removal company in El Mirage is meticulous in our efforts. When our scoopers step on your property, they will:

  • Hunt down every pile of dog poop — even those that might be hidden under shrubs and other common lawn debris (i.e. dead leaves, etc.)
  • Spotting every pile is pertinent to providing effective service. We also remove the entire pile of waste, bag it up and sanitize the area for germs and bacteria.
  • As a part of our El Mirage AZ pet waste removal, we bag up the waste, toss it on our truck and take it with us. We dispose of it for you, so you don’t have to mess with it.
  • Is there still a faint smell in the air? We want your property to be fresh and clean, so we offer deodorization tactics within our El Mirage pet waste removal services.

These services are delivered by experienced, trained men and women who have passed an extensive background check. You can bring them to your property for El Mirage AZ pet waste removal by contacting Scoop Soldiers.