El Mirage Poop Scooping Service

From humble roots all the way to the premier El Mirage poop scooping service company, Scoop Soldiers invites you to join our dedicated team in an effort to keep your residential or commercial property clear of dog poop.

Scoop Soldiers has been in business since 2010, where we started as a small, locally-owned business in the Dallas area. From there, our services caught on in popularity, and we started to expand all over the region. Now, we proudly serve as an El Mirage scooping company that provides this important service to local clients.

Convenient, tailored poop scooping in El Mirage AZ

The beauty of the services offered by our poop scooping service company in El Mirage is that we offer a wide range of scheduling options, so you can select a service package that fits your needs. You’re not forced to choose a generic service and hope that it adequately tends to the needs of your property.

From three visits a week from our team, to bi-weekly or even one-time service, our El Mirage poop scooping service company invites you to tailor service to your needs.

We clean your property — no strings attached

We don’t play any games when it comes to your service — we put in an honest effort to remove germ-ridden, stinky piles of dog poop from your property. This means no contracts to sign and no hidden fees while offering service that aligns with your expectations.

Our El Mirage scooping company crews will comb your property, remove all the pet waste and haul it away with us when we’re done. You get to enjoy a fresh, clean property and the companionship of your four-legged friend.

Submit a quote request to our El Mirage poop scooping service company securely online. We’re standing by to provide you with more information on this helpful service.