Fountain Hills AZ Pooper Scooper Service

Gain the peace of mind that hazardous material is not lurking on your property by commissioning Scoop Soldiers for our Fountain Hills AZ pooper scooper service.

Scoop Soldiers offers Fountain Hills AZ dog poop clean up that shields you, your pets and your lawn from dog poop, which is both unsanitary and can create a number of problems. You can leverage our regularly scheduled service or bring us in for a one-time cleaning.

Why you should be concerned with dog poop

A lot of pet owners don’t give a second thought to dog poop. They figure it’s not doing much harm if they don’t pick it up right away. That’s where you are wrong, and we want to help with our pooper scooper service in Fountain Hills AZ.

  • For starters, dog poop is incredibly unsanitary. It contains germs, bacteria, and diseases. Both people and pets are liable to contract illnesses from these messes, but our Fountain Hills AZ poop clean up works to limit the exposure.
  • Dog poop will create serious damage to your property — from killing your grass to wrecking your shrubs. Our Fountain Hills AZ pooper scooper service will preserve the health and vibrancy of your lawn.
  • Another sanitation issue lies in the fact that dog poop attracts pests like flies, maggots, mosquitos, mice, rats and more. These pests also carry diseases, but our Fountain Hills AZ dog poop clean up service can keep them at bay.

There are many reasons why you need to keep dog poop off of your residential and commercial property, and you can do so with a Fountain Hills AZ pooper scooper from our team. After all, who really has the time to do it themselves?

You can get your Fountain Hills AZ pooper scooper service scheduled now or request a free quote!