Gilbert Pet Waste Scooping

No one likes the site of a property that is overrun with gross dog poop, and if this sounds like the current state of your lawn or commercial property, then it might be time to turn to professional Gilbert pet waste removal.

Here at Scoop Soldiers, we have just the team for the job. Our Gilbert pet waste scooping staff is committed to completely cleaning your property each time we visit. We go to work carefully pacing your entire property to locate every pile of dog poop.

As a part of our pet waste removal in Gilbert, we pick up these piles, bag them up and take them with us for disposal — the dog waste is off your property and out of your life for good.

We don’t just remove those unsightly mounds of dog poop

Clearing off dog poop from your property on a regular basis is a proactive way of avoiding a number of problems. That’s because dog poop is gross on its own, but it also brings with it a bunch of other unsavory byproducts, such as:

  • Germs and bacteria. With our Gilbert pet waste removal, you can remove harmful germs and bacteria that could get both people and pets sick.
  • Certain pests are attracted to dog poop — from mosquitos and flies to rats and rodents that can sense the protein in the waste. Our Gilbert pet waste scooping keeps these pests away by cleaning the messes regularly.
  • An ever-present smell. Have you ever been on someone’s property and smelled dog poop before you could even see it? The smell is so bad, and our poop scooping company in Gilbert AZ can not only remove the waste on your property but take steps to deodorize it as well.

As you can see, by removing pet waste on a regular basis, you are enhancing the health, appearance, and smell of your property. It’s all achieved through Scoop Soldiers and our Gilbert pet waste removal.