Glendale AZ Pooper Scooper Service

It can be tough to find a way to remove dog poop from your property every single week, which is why Scoop Soldiers and our Glendale AZ pooper scooper service is so handy. We take care of this endless task for you.

With our Glendale AZ dog poop clean up, our crews will show up at your property as scheduled to remove all the piles of dog poop left behind by your pets. We are careful to remove all the remnants of the feces so that germs and bacteria are not left behind. We even haul the waste away, dispose of it and deodorize your property.

This pooper scooper service in Glendale AZ will save you time and ensure that this important chore is approached correctly. After all, what are your other options?

  • Do it yourself: This might work – if you have hours of spare time each week and don’t mind getting up close and personal with dog poop. The typical pet owner doesn’t have the spare time, which is why they turn to our team for Glendale AZ poop clean up.
  • Ignore it: A lot of folks think that the poop will eventually dissolve and maybe even fertilize their lawns. Newsflash: A pile of dog poop takes almost a year to completely break down, and the germs, bacteria, and chemicals in it will kill your grass. Don’t ignore the waste — bring in our Glendale AZ pooper scooper service to remove it.
  • Find someone to do it for you: Whether it’s a neighbor kid or a family member, relying on someone else for Glendale AZ dog poop clean up doesn’t always work. When you team with Scoop Soldiers, you know that trained professionals are handling this delicate task.

Bring a Glendale AZ pooper scooper to your property to clean up the messes! You won’t be sorry.

Communicate with our Glendale AZ pooper scooper service staff to schedule your weekly, bi-weekly or one-time pet waste removal.