Glendale Dog Waste Removal

Instead of slaving away on your property to pick up the waste left behind by your dog, you can invest in professional Glendale dog waste removal to take this important task off of your to-do list indefinitely.

Since 2010, Scoop Soldiers has been providing pet waste removal for residential and commercial clients. Our recent expansion means that we now offer dog waste service in Glendale.

Making the minimal investment in Scoop Soldiers is a whole lot easier than taking care of this chore yourself. With dog waste removal in Glendale, you don’t have to worry about:

  • The time required each week to make sure it gets done. Your dog doesn’t stop going to the bathroom, so you can’t stop picking up after it — unless you want the poop to pile up on your property.
  • The physical energy you put forth doing it yourself. Some people are even physically unable to handle this type of task, which is when our dog waste removal company in Glendale especially comes in handy.
  • Being exposed to germs and bacteria. Dog poop has germs, bacteria, and diseases that can harm the health of a person and their pets. With our Glendale dog waste removal, we have trained professionals that use sanitary tools to eliminate these messes — you don’t have to come into contact with it yourself.

Considering the fact that visits from our team start at around $12, you will find that professional dog waste service in Glendale is a worthy investment. Our teams thoroughly clean your property by finding, removing and hauling away the messes left behind by your dogs.

Now accepting new residential and commercial clients

Let’s get to work on your Glendale dog waste removal. We’re standing by to hear from you and match you with a service option that meets your needs.