Glendale Pet Poop Removal Service

Professional Glendale pet poop removal service will yield many different, noticeable results. Aside from saving you time and energy from taking care of this chore yourself, Scoop Soldiers works with residential and commercial clients to offer a service that:

  • Brings health and vibrancy to lawns and properties. Dog poop contains chemicals and bacteria that kills grass and can really do a number on a lawn. Our Glendale poop removal company can help your turf remain lush, green and full by removing these messes on a weekly basis.
  • Maintains a happy, healthy area for pets. In order to achieve a truly dog-friendly environment, you have to eliminate your pet’s exposure to germs, diseases, and bacteria. Many common diseases are passed from dog to dog through feces which is why it’s important to bring in a pet poop removal service in Glendale AZ that removes it right away.
  • Saves you time. However, it’s still worth mentioning that with the help of a professional Glendale pet poop removal service, you can save the time that is required each week to make sure this job gets done. Everyone wants to free up some time in their week!

Scoop Soldiers is a Glendale poop removal company that has been in business since 2010. We’re known for our flexible scheduling options (weekly, bi-weekly and one-time services available), thorough work (we don’t leave any mounds of waste behind) and a satisfaction guarantee.

With our poop removal in Glendale AZ, you will receive regular visits from trained, experienced staff members that will extract the waste from your lawn and bag it up in biodegradable bags. We bring the waste with us when we go, so you don’t have to deal with it.

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Our Glendale pet poop removal service is affordable and delivers an almost instant return on your investment. Get started by talking to our team.