Glendale Pet Waste Management

Scoop Soldiers offers Glendale pet waste management that addresses a serious risk on your property. While dog poop might seem gross, and nothing more, it’s actually a legitimate hazard for a number of reasons.

It’s easy to mitigate this risk, though, with our Glendale pet waste service. Scoop Soldiers can set up a schedule with you to come out and remove the dog poop on your property on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

With this form of pet waste management in Glendale, we will remove, bag and haul away with waste to remove it completely from your property. The job isn’t done until every pile is removed.

What’s at stake?

Our pet waste management in Glendale helps you avoid serious consequences that come with allowing dog poop to pile up on your property. What’s exactly at stake? Consider this.

  • The look and health of your lawn: Dog poop kills grass and can make your lawn or property look unsanitary and gross. Our pet waste company in Glendale AZ will let your lawn thrive by addressing the unsanitary messes.
  • Your pet’s health: Diseases are often passed from one dog to another through feces. Our Glendale pet waste management crews have your dog’s health in mind when we diligently care for your property.
  • The local environment: The EPA has designated dog poop as an official pollutant. Keep it out of local waterways with the help of our Glendale pet waste service.

You probably didn’t know that all these were consequences of dog poop, did you? Now that you know, Scoop Soldiers is here to offer an affordable, convenient service that helps you avoid these negative impacts.

Learn more about our Glendale pet waste management or schedule your service by consulting with our team of customer service reps. We would be happy to help you out.