Glendale Pet Waste Scooping

Instead of hiring a professional Glendale pet waste removal team, a lot of homeowners and commercial property managers ignore dog poop on their property with the expectation that it will dissolve on its own.

This is a dangerous assumption and one that can cause significant damage to your property and even jeopardize the health of your pets. Scoop Soldiers is here to offer Glendale pet waste scooping you don’t have to ignore these messes any longer!

What will happen if I don’t pick up dog poop on a regular basis?

Dog poop can be incredibly damaging for a number of reasons. That’s why, with our pet waste removal in Glendale, Scoop Soldiers removes these messes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, leaving your property clean and sanitary all year round.

If you ignore the piles left behind by your dogs, you could be facing:

  • Dead grass
  • An influx of pests (flies, mosquitos, etc.)
  • A smell that won’t go away
  • A hazard to the environment (i.e. your local water supply)
  • And more

All of this can be avoided by just finding the time to pick up after your dogs. With Scoop Soldiers and our Glendale pet waste removal, we find the time to do it even when you can’t.

Our Glendale pet waste scooping staff is careful to locate every pile of poop left behind on your lawn. They pick it up with sanitary tools and bag it up. We even bring it with us when we go so we can dispose of it in an eco-friendly fashion. With our poop scooping company in Glendale AZ, you don’t have to give it a second thought.

This brand of Glendale pet waste removal is affordable, too. See so for yourself by checking out our pricing chart or contacting our team to get a free estimate on your property. We’d love to do your dirty work for you.