Glendale Poop Scooping Service

When it comes to picking up dog poop, being thorough is of the utmost importance, and Scoop Soldiers is a Glendale poop scooping service company that meets that need.

Our Glendale scooping company is second to none when it comes to thoroughly cleaning up your residential or commercial property. “Leave no mound behind,” is one of our mottos for a reason — the job isn’t done in our eyes until we have removed and hauled away every pile of dog poop.

Our poop scooping service company in Glendale provides comprehensive service

Scoop Soldiers offers incredibly thorough services for the most affordable prices around. Our team is trained to provide poop scooping in Glendale AZ that:

  • Scours your entire property – not just your lawn. This means flowerbeds, porches, patios, sidewalks, areas of mulch and more. If there is a pile of poop out there, we’ll find it.
  • Removes the poop in its entirety. Many services will remove a pile of poop but not give a second thought to the remnants left behind. Our Glendale poop scooping service company removes ALL fecal matter.
  • Takes the waste with us when we go. That’s right — our Glendale scooping company includes haul away and disposal for no extra charge. This way, you don’t even have to deal with the dog poop in your trash cans.

What you are left with is a poop-free property that is also void of germs, bacteria, foul smells, disease, pests and more. We offer a satisfaction guarantee that promises if we are not thorough enough in our efforts, our crews will come back at no additional charge to make sure everything is taken care of.

Scoop Soldiers is a Glendale poop scooping service company that you can trust to truly deliver on its promise of thorough service. See for yourself by scheduling your first visit today.