Glendale Pooper Scooper Services

When dog poop starts to take its toll on your lawn, then it’s time to get Scoop Soldiers involved and take advantage of Glendale pooper scooper services. At Scoop Soldiers, we opened for business in 2010 as an extension of a lawn care company.

That means we know the many ways in which dog feces can hurt your lawn or property. We’re ready to do something about it. As your Glendale pooper scooper company of choice, we will remove dog poop from your property on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to make sure it doesn’t inflict the following forms of damage:

  • Dead patches of grass: Dog poop is not like natural manure — it won’t fertilize your grass. In fact, it does the polar opposite. Dog poop will kill your grass, making it yellow, brown and otherwise sickly.
  • Bald spots in your lawn: Without our pooper scooper services in Glendale AZ, dog poop can be left to set on a lawn for so long that it creates a spot that is completely void of all grass. This will make your lawn look patchy.
  • Foul odor: The other threat that our Glendale pooper scooper services protects you from is invisible. It’s the pungent stench that will form and hover over your property all day, every day.
  • Pests: Don’t forget the fact that dog poop attracts flies, mosquitos, and maggots in addition to rats and mice that are attracted to the protein. These pests can cause further damage to your property, and our Glendale pooper scooper company wants to keep them away.

As a leading pooper scooper company in Glendale AZ, our team pledges to complete a thorough job on your property — finding, removing and hauling away any and all waste. We even offer free disposal.

Protect your lawn and help it look its best with the Glendale pooper scooper services by Scoop Soldiers. You can schedule your service right now.