Gold Canyon Dog Waste Removal

Your friends at Scoop Soldiers — home of Gold Canyon dog waste removal — are ready to assist you any way possible. Warmer weather means we’re all excited to head outdoors.  Picnics, family cookouts and even pool time are enhanced by a sparkling clean, waste-free yard. Scoop Soldiers would like to invite you to check out our dog waste service in Gold Canyon.

  • Our dog waste removal company in Gold Canyon will seek out and remove even the most hidden piles of poop. Imagine your kids laying out their picnic blankets with no fear of smears. You and your dog can play catch and Frisbee without worry of a plop in the slop.
  • With our Gold Canyon dog waste removal, Scoop Soldiers will make sure none of that is tracked into your pool or hot tub.
  • Direct contact with poop is not the only health worry. Dog waste left behind is fertile ground for bacteria and parasites, which pose a threat to humans and their pet companions alike. Our dog waste removal in Gold Canyon will make sure every mound is found, removed and hauled away. We scoop it up and take it away, so you never have to worry about hot, smelly trash cans.

Did you know consistent waste removal will thwart rodents, as well? They are attracted to piles left behind. As small as they are, rats and mice also present a danger to our families.  Dog piles are an open invitation to flies, too. Ever notice on a warm summer day how quickly the black flies buzz around a fresh pile of dog poo? Our dog waste service in Gold Canyon is attentive to detail leaving no pile behind.

Keep your yard spotless with Scoop Soldiers and Gold Canyon dog waste removal. Request a quote from our team via our online form or call 877-930-POOP and never worry about a dirty yard again!