Gold Canyon Pooper Scooper Services

Scoop Soldiers and our Gold Canyon pooper scooper services go to work prospecting for “land mines” in your yard and pet areas. Your pooch pal’s nuggets don’t go unnoticed by our skilled team.

This may sound like simple stuff, but our pooper scooper services in Gold Canyon AZ know better. Our dogs can be pretty sneaky leaving mounds everywhere, hidden in bushes, in piles of dead leaves and grass and tucked into the furthest corners of the yard. This is why you need our Gold Canyon pooper scooper company to seek and destroy!

Will a Gold Canyon pooper scooper company save me time?

You have to ask yourself how much of your quality pet time are you willing to spend looking for “stink bombs” in the yard. Scoop Soldiers and our pooper scooper company in Gold Canyon AZ can swoop in and sweep your yard in just one short visit. You can personalize a plan to fit your waste management needs. Our Gold Canyon pooper scooper services can visit once, twice or three times per week.

How many dogs do we cover?

Our Gold Canyon pooper scooper company would never penalize you because you love dogs — we love them, too! Your service plan will cover up to four dogs with no extra fees. On top of that, there are no extra fees for a larger dog area; we cover them all for a single, low price.

We will beat our competitors’ prices!

Scoop Soldiers is so confident that we offer the best services at the lowest cost that we guarantee we can beat any competitor’s listed price.

We find, remove and haul away the waste, so you will not have to deal with foul garbage cans and waste bins. What more can you ask for? Our Gold Canyon pooper scooper services are the finest, most reliable pet waste removal services in the region. Call 877-930-POOP today or send in a personalized quote request online right now.