Goodyear AZ Pet Waste Removal

Goodyear AZ pet waste removal is great for busy pet owners that don’t have the time to pick up the poop left behind by their dogs. When it comes to this professional service, you won’t find a more affordable or higher quality one than here at Scoop Soldiers.

We’re the area’s trusted Goodyear AZ pet pooper scooper, deploying our armies of scoopers out to your property to find, remove and haul away the waste left behind by your dogs. By removing these messes in a timely fashion, you are creating a safe, sanitary environment for your pets.

Feces that are left to linger on your property are problematic to dogs for a number of reasons.

  • First and foremost, feces have germs and bacteria that can infect dogs. Many diseases are passed from one dog to another via feces. Our pet waste removal in Goodyear AZ limits your dog’s interactions with these unsavory byproducts.
  • Dogs are also liable to walk through piles of poop when they are left to accumulate on your lawn. This not only exposes them to germs and bacteria but they can also track fecal matter indoors where you might be exposed to it. We have a pooper scooper in Goodyear AZ that leaves you free and clear of dog poop.

Scoop Soldiers offers Goodyear AZ pet waste removal that is affordable and flexible regarding scheduling. Whether you need us on your property three times in a single week all the way down to our bi-weekly service, we have your needs covered.

Leave this chore to a professional Goodyear AZ pet pooper scooper

Scoop Soldiers is now accepting new residential and commercial clients. Consult with our team to learn more. We can provide you with a completely free, no-obligation quote on our Goodyear AZ pet waste removal.