Goodyear AZ Pooper Scooper Service Company

When dog poop overtakes your property, it’s going to show — but our Goodyear AZ pooper scooper service will help replenish your lawn in order to help it thrive once again.

We are Scoop Soldiers, and we offer high-quality Goodyear pet waste cleanup for residential and commercial clients. We employ a team of highly trained, dedicated scoopers that will come to your property either on a regularly scheduled basis or for a one-time cleaning.

These members of our pooper scooper service in Goodyear AZ will work tirelessly to identify and remove all the dog poop on your property. Scoop Soldiers also includes free haul away and disposal within our service.

Don’t let dog poop hamper your lawn

If you value a nice looking lawn or property (and who doesn’t?), then working with a professional Goodyear pet waste company is a very wise investment. As experienced members of this industry, we know the damage that dog poop can inflict on a property, including:

  • Dead grass
  • Bald spots on your lawn
  • Presence of flies, mosquitos and even mice and rats
  • A lingering stench that hovers over your property
  • And more

With our Goodyear AZ pooper scooper service, you can erase all these unwanted signs. Scoop Soldiers works hard to keep these messes off of your property and also to make sure that germs, bacteria and that infamous smell are never left behind in their wake.

Thoughtful Goodyear pet waste clean up

Here are Scoop Soldiers, our team is comprised of men and women that own dogs just like you. We know how much pet owners dread this chore — and with good reason. That’s why we are prepared to offer you the highest quality Goodyear AZ pooper scooper service at the lowest possible price. Start by getting a free estimate on your service.