New River AZ Pet Waste Removal

Hiring professionals for New River AZ pet waste removal is a surefire way to ensure that this chore gets done on a regular basis — and that it gets done the right way.

While picking up dog poop from your yard or property might seem like an insignificant chore, it’s actually quite important. Putting off this task can actually jeopardize the health of people, pets, and your lawn. Scoop Soldiers faithfully serves as a New River AZ pet pooper scooper that is devoted to this work.

Protecting the clients we serve from germs, bacteria, and diseases

With Scoop Soldiers and our pet waste removal in New River AZ, you can ensure superior sanitation on your property. Dog poop that lies on your lawn can expose people and pets to a wide range of bacteria and diseases. It’s paramount that they are removed in a timely fashion.

With our team as your trusted pooper scooper in New River AZ, you can choose a service package that fits your frequency needs. Clients with one dog tend to only need our services once a week or every other week. If you have a whole pack of dogs, we can visit you up to three times a week.

With our New River AZ pet waste removal, we not only remove the waste, but we treat your property for the lingering bacteria and smell that is left behind. These thorough efforts ensure that you and your pets aren’t exposed to diseases and that your lawn continues to thrive.

Schedule a visit from our New River AZ pet pooper scooper

We’d love to provide you with this important service so you can see for yourself the quality of our work. Make a point to talk to our New River AZ pet waste removal and see how you can try out our service with no obligation involved.