Paradise Valley Pet Waste Removal

Some folks might consider professional Paradise Valley AZ pet waste removal a luxury, but here at Scoop Soldiers, we’d like to ask you to take a closer look at the cost/benefit ratio.

The old saying “time is money,” is absolutely true. Scoop Soldiers has the most cost-effective plan for you and your pets and will save you valuable time as well. Our pet waste removal company in Paradise Valley comes in with a time-efficient plan whether you are on a twice-a-month or three-times-per-week schedule. We get the job done thoroughly and efficiently.

A budget-friendly pet waste removal service

Paradise Valley pet waste removal services fit essentially every budget. At Scoop Soldiers, we offer a wide range of prices and scheduling options, and we guarantee our rates can’t be beaten.

You are free to shop around. Our Paradise Valley AZ pet waste removal fees are published and transparent. We don’t think you’ll find a comparable service at our low rates, but if you do, we will beat them.  There are no hidden costs to Scoop Soldiers and our Paradise Valley pet waste removal services. This means no fees for additional dogs (up to four dogs), initial cleanings and oversized lots.

We’re respectful of your time

Scoop Soldiers saves you time in the field. We search out every corner, every bush and clump of grass to make sure you aren’t left with piles of dog poop. What might take you an hour or more to accomplish, our pet waste removal in Paradise Valley AZ team has done in a jiffy.

Our time-saving efforts don’t stop there. We are happy to provide you with regular online billing and communications with the Troops. Scoop Soldiers accepts major credit cards, and we bill you on a weekly basis beginning the day after your Scoop Soldiers visit.

Scoop Soldiers and our Paradise Valley AZ pet waste removal saves you money, time and we guarantee your satisfaction.