Phoenix AZ Pet Waste Removal

Professional Phoenix AZ pet waste removal is an efficient way to keep your property clean without having to exert your energy and spend hours of your busy week doing it yourself.

Scoop Soldiers is a trusted Phoenix AZ pet pooper scooper that provides this important service for a wide range of clients, both residential and commercial. We work hard to remove pet waste from the properties of our clients and sanitize the area to eliminate the harmful germs and bacteria that could jeopardize the health of both people and pets.

Save your time with our pet waste removal in Phoenix AZ

Picking up the poop left behind by your dog isn’t necessarily hard, complex work, but it is tedious. Dogs go to the bathroom every day, so you really need to get out in your yard to pick up waste on a weekly basis.

Not everyone has that kind of spare time in their schedule, which is where our Phoenix AZ pet waste removal service comes in handy. Scoop Soldiers sends a Phoenix AZ pet pooper scooper out to your property to:

  • Find and remove the waste from your property
  • Sanitize and deodorize the area
  • Bag up the waste and haul it away
  • Dispose of it at an offsite location

All of this is included in one, affordable fee. We wanted the investment to be minimal so that anyone and everyone could take advantage of the fine work provided by a pooper scooper in Phoenix AZ.

We can provide you with a free quote on your service

You owe it to yourself to at least see what our Phoenix AZ pet waste removal will cost you. So many pet owners and commercial property managers have been blown away by the quality and affordability of our work. Talk to our team right now to get started. We offer free, no-obligation estimates.