Phoenix AZ Pooper Scooper Service

You probably don’t enjoy spending time out in your yard picking up dog poop, and we don’t blame you, which is why Scoop Soldiers offers highly reliable Phoenix AZ pooper scooper service.

We get it — this chore is disgusting. Even if you love dogs it’s fair that you don’t love some of the chores that come with taking care of them. Scoop Soldiers provides Phoenix AZ dog poop clean up that makes life easier for dog owners or the men and women that manage pet-friendly properties.

With our pooper scooper service in Phoenix AZ, our crews go to work addressing the messes left behind by your dogs. We remove each and every pile and bring the poop with us to dispose of it elsewhere.

Don’t put off this essential pet care chore

With our weekly Phoenix AZ poop clean up (we actually offer a wide range of scheduling options) you can stay current on this important work. Pet owners tend to put it off because they:

  • Are grossed out by the smell, germs, and bacteria
  • Don’t have the spare time in the week
  • Are physically unable
  • Travel often so they’re not always home
  • Assume the waste will decompose on its own
  • And more

Instead of allowing yourself to put it off, put our Phoenix AZ pooper scooper service to work for you. Scoop Soldiers makes this service easy to manage and highly affordable. In fact, we are the most affordable resource for Phoenix AZ dog poop clean up. We back that claim up with our best price guarantee.

Are you ready for a visit from a qualified Phoenix AZ pooper scooper?

Talk to our team and we’ll help you schedule your Phoenix AZ pooper scooper service. We have the tools, staff and hard work needed to keep your lawn or commercial property clean, fresh and sanitary. Give Scoop Soldiers a call right now.