Phoenix Pet Waste Management

Make your money go a long way with Scoop Soldiers and our Phoenix pet waste management. Scoop Soldiers is dedicated to cleaning up lawns and commercial properties for our clients.

Dog poop contains germs and bacteria that are capable of killing your lawn, infecting your pets and even getting you sick. With our Phoenix pet waste service, you can effectively remove this hazard from your property on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

We make pet waste management in Phoenix affordable

For starters, our pet waste company in Phoenix AZ offers the best price guarantee. Under this guarantee, we promise to offer the very best prices on our service. If you discover a competitor that offers a better price, we will go out of our way to match or beat it.

Aside from our affordable pricing, we deliver an excellent value with our Phoenix pet waste management. This means finding and removing each and every pile of waste on your property upon each visit. We also haul the waste away for free and dispose of it responsibly at an offsite location.

You get to save your time and energy with our Phoenix pet waste service. After all, who really wants to handle this important chore on their own?

Check out our flexible scheduling

Scoop Soldiers offers a wide range of scheduling options in order to meet the needs of our diverse range of clients. You can bring our scoopers in up to three times in a single week. We also offer twice weekly, weekly and bi-weekly service options in addition to our one-time visits.

Scoop Soldiers’ Phoenix pet waste management is not only affordable but it provides you and your pets with the safe, sanitary and beautiful environment that you deserve. Get started now by contacting Scoop Soldiers either by phone or via our online quote request form.