Phoenix Poop Scooping Service

As a longtime Phoenix poop scooping service company, Scoop Soldiers knows the health hazards that come with allowing dog poop to sit around on your lawn or commercial property for too long.

We can help you avoid these serious concerns with our tried and true poop scooping in Phoenix AZ.

Eliminate health hazards on your property

Dog poop might seem relatively benign — just a little smelly and disgusting. Well, the truth is that it contains some serious germs and bacteria. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has designated pet waste as a pollutant to the environment.

Why would you want this stuff hanging around on your property? Our Phoenix scooping company makes sure to get rid of it — and to do it on a regular basis. By eliminating mounds of pet waste, you are dramatically limiting the chance that a pet or person will come into contact with it and be exposed to the germs and bacteria.

Work with a leading poop scooping service company in Phoenix

Scoop Soldiers wants to show you why we have quickly grown into a leading Phoenix poop scooping service company. We stress sanitation in everything we do. That means we sterilize our equipment before we come to your home or business and we are careful to remove every bit of dog poop on your property.

We remove these unsanitary messes from your property completely because our Phoenix scooping company does not charge you extra for haul away or disposal. By working with Scoop Soldiers, you are effectively protecting people, pets, and even the environment.

Find out what it will cost to bring the Scoop Soldiers to your property

Our Phoenix poop scooping service company would be happy to learn more about your property and its needs and then furnish you with a free, no-obligation quote. Let us know if you are interested — we’d love to talk to you about how we can help eliminate this dangerous hazard.